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This is a post to introduce my RPG tutorial to new visitors and to give an overview of the features that we have included and will include in the future. The video featured above is the newest addition to the tutorial series. You can look below to find out where you can watch the rest of the videos and get the sprites used in the tutorial

Where can I get the assets and project files?

All +5$ patrons have access to all my assets. The sprites and project files for this specific tutorial can be downloaded for free  by clicking here

You can also become a patron by clicking here

You can also buy the files directly on this page for 5$

Each package corresponds to a YouTube video. Package 1.0 fits the progress from Video 1.0. If a new video is released the package will be updated.

Where can I watch the rest of the videos?

The videos that are available to the public can be found here

Patrons will get early video releases, these can be found by clicking here

What is already included in the tutorial?

Player movement and Animations, complete worldmap with layer sorting and camera follow


Health & Mana bar

Spell book and action bar for spells

Casting bar

Target unit frames and health bars

Keybind menu

A complete inventory and item system


Lootable items

Player equipment

Bank storage


Questing system, XP system & Scrolling combat text

Main menu with Saving & Loading


Gathering system



Talent tree

Debuffs Unlocking talents

AOE Spells

Range check

What will we include in the future?

Keep in mind that this tutorial is still a work in progress, if you feel like the tutorial is missing some features, then please feel free to let me know. If it's a great feature I might include it. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Sprites, Tilemap, Tutorial, Unity, unity3d


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RPG_assets.rar 45 MB
License.pdf 68 kB
RPG_01.rar 100 MB
RPG_02.rar 98 MB
RPG_03.rar 237 MB
RPG_04.rar 79 MB
RPG_05.rar 159 MB
RPG_06.rar 246 MB
RPG_07.rar 132 MB
RPG_08.rar 382 MB
RPG_09.rar 170 MB
RPG_10.rar 130 MB
RPG_11.rar 435 MB
RPG_12.rar 261 MB
RPG_13.rar 261 MB
RPG_14.rar 315 MB
RPG_15.rar 47 MB
RPG_16.rar 135 MB
RPG_17.rar 137 MB
RPG_18.rar 208 MB
RPG_19.rar 566 MB
RPG_20.rar 84 MB
RPG_21.rar 236 MB
RPG_22.rar 690 MB
RPG_23.rar 114 MB
RPG_24.rar 57 MB
RPG_25.rar 59 MB
RPG_26.rar 415 MB
RPG_27.rar 129 MB
RPG_28.rar 144 MB
RPG_29.rar 435 MB
RPG_30.rar 267 MB
RPG_31.rar 965 MB
RPG_32.rar 900 MB
RPG_33.rar 260 MB
RPG_34.rar 130 MB
RPG_35.rar 319 MB
RPG_36.rar 307 MB
RPG_37.rar 545 MB
RPG_38.rar 182 MB


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Very good tutorial and well explanation.

Playing this game is like being on a wild ride - it's unpredictable and thrilling. Thank you, developers, for the amazing experience!

Can i use some of the game art in my commercial game?

Thanks for these tutorial!

(1 edit)

So, RPG_34.rar contains another .rar file. And inside the second .rar file is the Unity files, including all git and library files. I am unsure of what is going on with this, but I am really disappointed that I spend 5 dollars on this mess.

(1 edit)

It's based on the videos: Rar 34 will contain all all files called 34.x etc. For example, files for video 34.0 and 34.1 will be inside rar 34

Is it possible to make a tutorial on how to eg. build/draw houses/tiles?