Learn how to create a 2D RPG game in UNITY

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Included files

RPG_assets.rar (45 MB)
License.pdf (68 kB)
RPG_01.rar (100 MB)
RPG_02.rar (98 MB)
RPG_03.rar (237 MB)
RPG_04.rar (79 MB)
RPG_05.rar (159 MB)
RPG_06.rar (246 MB)
RPG_07.rar (132 MB)
RPG_08.rar (382 MB)
RPG_09.rar (170 MB)
RPG_10.rar (130 MB)
RPG_11.rar (435 MB)
RPG_12.rar (261 MB)
RPG_13.rar (261 MB)
RPG_14.rar (315 MB)
RPG_15.rar (47 MB)
RPG_16.rar (135 MB)
RPG_17.rar (137 MB)
RPG_18.rar (208 MB)
RPG_19.rar (566 MB)
RPG_20.rar (84 MB)
RPG_21.rar (236 MB)
RPG_22.rar (690 MB)
RPG_23.rar (114 MB)
RPG_24.rar (57 MB)
RPG_25.rar (59 MB)
RPG_26.rar (415 MB)
RPG_27.rar (129 MB)
RPG_28.rar (144 MB)
RPG_29.rar (435 MB)
RPG_30.rar (267 MB)
RPG_31.rar (965 MB)
RPG_32.rar (900 MB)
RPG_33.rar (260 MB)
RPG_34.rar (130 MB)
RPG_35.rar (319 MB)

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