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This is a post to introduce my Tower defense tutorial to new visitors and to give an overview of what this tutorial will teach you. The video featured above is an introduction to the tutorial series. You can look below to find out where you can watch the rest of the videos and get the assets used in this tutorial.

Where can I get the assets and project files?

All +5$ patrons have access to all my assets. The sprites and project files for this specific tutorial can be downloaded by clicking here

You can also become a patron by clicking here

You can also buy the files directly on this page for 5$

Each package corresponds to a YouTube video. Package 1.0 fits the progress from Video 1.0. If a new video is released the package will be updated.

Where can I watch the rest of the videos?

The videos that are available to the public can be found here

Patrons will get early video releases, these can be found by clicking here

What is included in this tutorial?

Animated Main menu

Load screen


4 different tower types

Buying, selling and upgrading towers

4 Different monsters, health bars and debuffs

A* Pathfinding

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Sprites, Tilemap, Tower Defense, Tutorial, Unity, unity2d, unity3d


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

License.pdf 68 kB
Sprites.rar 14 MB
TowerDefense_01.rar 185 MB
TowerDefense_02.rar 53 MB
TowerDefense_03.rar 161 MB
TowerDefense_04.rar 54 MB
TowerDefense_05.rar 305 MB
TowerDefense_06.rar 555 MB
TowerDefense_07.rar 520 MB
TowerDefense_08.rar 167 MB
TowerDefense_09.rar 502 MB
TowerDefense_10.rar 357 MB
TowerDefense_11.rar 644 MB
TowerDefense_12.rar 555 MB
TowerDefense_13.rar 610 MB
TowerDefenseFinal.rar 142 MB


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Not a huge deal, since it's easy enough to circumvent, but you should be aware that the Patreon link for the assets links to the RPG project's assets, not the assets for the Tower Defense project. I was still able to download the right project files by changing the target address in the address bar to the right target, but some people might not think of that, so you might want to fix it so people don't freak out. lol Great work, by the way, and thank you for the help with learning this stuff!


I know this may be obvious but Isn't there a paypal option to buy this assets?

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How to fix it?